How Detecting a Slab Leak Early Can Save You Money

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Like any leak in your home, leaving a slab leak alone is basically pouring your money down the drain. It may be encased in a concrete foundation, but it is doing a lot of costly damage. Many homeowners don't realize how much money they could be saving themselves by detecting these leaks and fixing them at the first signs.

What a Slab Leak Costs You

Even if there is a leak the size of a pinhole in your slab plumbing, it can cost you hundreds, or thousands, of dollars per year. This is just for the leak itself. Counting in potential foundation and interior damage, it could very well cost you tens of thousands.

Lost Water

You pay for water to be pumped into your home and your plumbing is always full of it. That is the core problem with any leaking pipe. It leaks water, that you pay for, every second of every day. This can waste gallons of water per day. The immediate cost of a leak does come in the form of a higher water bill. And if it is hot water, you are paying to heat it before it leaks out. Imagine just leaving a hot water faucet running all day every day.

Interior Damage

Ignoring the early signs of a slab leak means you will have to repair later damage. Some of those later repairs are for wet spots on the floor or warping of the wood floors and drywall. Water damage to your walls and flooring looks terrible and can lead to dangerous mold growth. Unfortunately, all you can do is replace it once it has happened. This can be quite expensive depending on how widespread the damage is and how soon you catch it.

Foundation Damage

This can be the most extreme issue with a slab leak. Excess water and foundations do not mix. If the area around your foundation is too saturated with water, or even too dry, it can cause the foundation to shift and crack. Foundation repair is easily one of the most expensive home repairs, and sometimes you can prevent it by addressing slab leaks.

Need Help?

If you have been ignoring a potential slab leak only to realize you are ignoring a drain on your wallet, contact us today. At Texas Green Plumbing, we can help you quickly locate and repair slab leaking so you can prevent major expenses.

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