Sewer Inspection Can Save You Thousands

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Every real estate transaction has an inspection, but do you hire a plumber to do sewer inspection? Fixing sewer lines is a common job. Too often we hear the customer just bought the house with messed up sewer lines.

We recommend every real estate agent protect their clients by doing a sewer inspection to inspect lines for damage. A sewer inspection can save you thousands of dollars in sewer repairs.

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If you’re a homeowner, sewer leaks can lead to foundation problems which can be expensive. When we’re talking about sewer leaks, consider how old your house is. If your house was built before the ’80s, the cast-iron under your house will start rusting.

After time, the coating on the cast-iron pipe starts to deteriorate, causing the pipe to rust. Pressure from the house can also cause the pipes to split right along the top.

If you inspect it before you have a problem, it can possibly save your house from a lot of damage. When people realize they have sewer leaks, they either have water backing up in the house or a buyer wants to do a sewer inspection.

We recommend every realtor tell their buyers to do sewer inspection on any house they’re buying. The last thing you want to do is to buy a house, just to have to spend more money fixing the sewer or water lines.

The two reasons people usually get sewer inspection are:

  1. Preventative maintenance: make sure there are no costly repairs later
  2. Buying a house

Costly repairs are the biggest problem when it comes to taking care of your plumbing system. Homeowners should invest money in sewer inspection because its less expensive than an under slab leak repair.

Age and time can lead to deterioration of the pipes. Another problem is the roots. Roots also lead to foundation problems.

Sewer repairs and water repairs under a slab are all expensive. Testing a sewer to find out what’s wrong with it is a good idea.

To test it, put in a test ball and fill up the system to see if it holds water. Next, you’ll want to run a camera. Running a camera helps to see as many lines as possible.

Although having sewer inspection is something you probably don’t want to do, its still a good idea. If you think you may have foundation problems, contact your plumbing company to take care of it before it gets too bad.

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