When You Should Call An Emergency Plumber

Homeowners should always have a plan in case you need to call an emergency plumber. When calling an emergency plumber, know who your plumber is and if they have an emergency number and service.

Its good to know in advance what services a company offers and what their specialties are. Check out their reviews to see if their customers give good feedback. In a plumbing emergency, you don’t want to have to search to find a 24-hour plumber.

So, when do you want to call an emergency plumber? The truth is, you never want to call an emergency plumber. You want to call your plumber.

There are things you can do to change your plumbing emergency to a plumbing priority. Here are some tips to help keep you from calling an emergency plumber.

You can also learn these tips from this video:

#1. If your house is flooding

If you think your house is flooding, has a water leak, or water is spraying in your house, read how to turn off the water to your house. Everyone in your house should know how to do this. Knowing how to turn off the water to your house can save you from calling an emergency plumber.

#2. Over Load

If your sewage is backing up, there could be several causes. This is something you want to stop and take care of quickly.

Check outside in advance. Make sure you know where your two way clean outs are. Taking the plugs or caps off the two way clean outs can stop the backup in your house.

#3. No water

If you’re familiar with your water meter, go and look at it. There may be several reasons you have no water, like the city turning it off.

There are many reasons you may need to call a plumber. That’s why you should know your plumber in advance. Make sure it’s a plumbing company you know, like, and trust.

Here are two reasons you may not want to call an emergency plumber.

#1. 24 hour plumbers are expensive

If you call a plumber after hours, there’s going to be an after hours fee. It cost more for a company to get a plumber to you after hours, resulting in expensive services.

#2. Plumbing supply stores are probably closed

After hours, it’s hard to get parts. Every truck cant stock every piece required to do a job. You risk paying someone to come to your house, and tell you they cant get the part until tomorrow.

The most important advice is, knowing your plumber in advance will give you peace of mind.

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