Chloramine Chaos

Famous water activist, Erin Brockovich, has been creating quite the stir for North Texas residents. Brockovich (rightfully) claims that the North Texas Municipal Water District is using a mixture of chlorine and ammonia, called chloramine, to disinfect our drinking water. Members of the NTMWD have responded saying this practice is “routine operational measure” and “common practice”. An NTMWD official told CBS DFW “We’re constantly, every day testing water to make sure that it is fit for human consumption, that it meets all those regulatory standards,”. Many North Texas residents have claimed smelling chlorine in their tap water, including our company’s founder, Roger Wakefield. Wakefield recommends the use of a whole house water filtration system and an anti-scale system to remove chemicals and treat the hard water in the North Texas area. Brockovich claims that using chloramine to disinfect drinking water is a “cheap dirty trick” that “actually forms toxins 1000 times more dangerous.”

The Environmental Protection Agency says that using chloramine provides “longer-lasting disinfection as the water moves through the pipes to consumers. Chloramines have been used by water utilities since the 1930s. More than one in five Americans use drinking water treated with chloramines on a daily basis.” The EPA has created regulatory standards concerning chloramines and has determined that water that follows its guidelines is safe for drinking, cooking, bathing, and other household uses. What they don’t tell you is that your body absorbs chemicals these while bathing and showering.

Some residents in north Texas are using whole home water filtration systems to remove these chemicals from their water. These systems are installed at the source where the city water enters the home. They have been known to eliminate the chlorine smell, improve the taste of the water, make hair color last longer, make skin feel softer, make clothes softer and last longer, as well as extend the life of appliances and pipes in your plumbing system. If you’re concerned about the quality of the water entering your home, we encourage you to talk to your plumber. Your home may benefit from a whole-home filtration system.  If you have any questions, give us a call at (972) 498-1047

Check out the story from  CBS DFW.

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