Consequences of Slab Leak Foundation Damage

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If you've read one of our blogs before or browsed our website or youtube channel for any amount of time, you know we're all about honest and simple communication using language that's accessible to everyone. In this article, we want to talk more about slab leaks and the real damage they can do without expert intervention. 

Slab Leaks in Your Foundation

We've already covered the basics in this blog post, but to give a recap, a slab leak is a leak that develops under the foundation of your home. If you're looking for a list of signs that can help you determine if your home might have a slab leak, the article above will explain it all for you. This issue is usually caused by pipe leaks, but without professional slab leak detection services, it's nearly impossible to know for sure where the water is coming from (and the unwanted contaminants that come with it). 

Immediate Consequences

1. Odor

If water has started to collect underneath your home undetected, one of the first consequences you will notice is the smell. Before mold or wood rot begins to set in, the smell of the sitting water (and again, all the contaminants that come with it) is not only unpleasant, but can cause nausea and headaches.

2. Erosion

Another one of the immediate consequences is erosion, both from underneath the home and all around it. As the water starts to wear its own escape into the ground below the foundation, it will remove the dirt and sand below.

3. Yard Damage

As the water erodes and moves, the landscape around your home will start to change. Flowerbeds might be ruined, vegetable gardens might become contaminated, and ground levels may change.

4. Damaged Flooring

Unfortunately, it might not take very long for the water to soak up through the foundation and begin to damage your flooring. If the problem goes unnoticed, you might not realize there's a problem until your wood floors start to change color and warp.

5. Cost

Finally, the cost of finding and fixing a slab leak in the short term is still a frustrating and difficult thing. Still, all of these consequences are not as bad as the ones still to come if left untended. 

Long-Term Consequences

1. Damaged Drywall

If action still hasn't been taken after all the consequences above, the water will continue to seep upwards, eventually meeting your drywall. It goes without saying that water and drywall don't mix, and even if the drywall stays intact, the next consequences will mean paying for a replacement.

2. Mold

The longer the water sits, the more likely mold will begin to grow. A slab leak is an invitation for mold to not only make a mess in the lower areas of your home, but also the floors and walls, eventually leading to...

3. Health Issues

Allergies, asthma, chronic illnesses- prolonged exposure to mold (both seen and unseen) doesn't just damage the health of your home, but also the health of your family.

4. Damaged Foundation

Of course, untreated slab leaks will all eventually end in one place- foundational damage. Without professional intervention, an undetected leak can cost you your home stability, and...

5. Cost

Finally, the expense of dealing with the more serious consequences of a slab leak can leave you feeling hopeless if you do not contact a professional slab leak detection specialist to find it and fix it quickly.

Texas Green Plumbing

 At Texas Green Plumbing, our primary goal is keeping you and your home safe without causing a leak in your bank account. Before the consequences of your slab leak get out of hand, contact us and stop the leak in its destructive path.

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