Are Slab Leaks Covered By Home Insurance?

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If you have a slab leak, you need to take action quickly to fix it. Detecting a slab leak might be the hardest part.

The first symptom of a slab leak that you will most likely notice is when you see a puddle coming up from your floor that did not get there from rain or another overhead water source.

Once a slab leak is detected, it may leave homeowners wondering if a slab leak is covered by home insurance?

In most cases, your home insurance policy will cover your slab leak if it resulted from a plumbing problem. Home insurance will not cover your slab leak if the leak is from depreciation or from a result of a flood. In that case, you should have flood insurance, and that insurance might cover the slab repair.

To maximize the chance of being covered, you should file your claim as soon as you notice a problem. If your slab is leaking because of a plumbing problem, that is likely to be covered by your insurance.

Why a Plumber Is Necessary to Fix a Slab Leak

While you might be able to fix a slab leak yourself, it is going to require a lot of manpower and a lot of special tools. Since your home insurance most likely will cover the cost of a repair, it is oftentimes easier to let a professional plumber repair your slab leak. A plumber is also likely to get to the root of the problem. While you might be able to fix the slab yourself, what caused the slab to leak? Was it a result of faulty plumbing? That can only be ascertained by a licensed plumber.

How We Can Help

At Texas Green Plumbing, we actually specialize in slab leaks and leak detection. And we are here to help you with a slab leak or any other plumbing concern you have. Reach out and contact us today for any plumbing questions you have!

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