The Importance of a Sewer Line Inspection

Sewer Drain

It is standard practice to have a home inspection performed when buying a house. What is often overlooked is a sewer line inspection because, although it is buried underground and not a part of the house you can actually see, a general home inspector is not qualified to inspect a sewer line. Buy your house with your eyes wide open by getting a proper sewer line inspection from your most trusted plumber and prevent the stress of sewer problems later.

What Can a Sewer Line Inspection Find?

  • Tree Roots. This is a common problem in older homes. The trees try to find water and will grow into the sewer line where they find cracks.
  • Broken, Cracked, or Collapsed Pipes. These issues happen for various reasons such as old piping or foundation issues. It's better to find the compromised pipes well before the damage starts to affect your home.
  • Major Blockages. There are many items that are often flushed that should go in the trash and these items can cause major blockages in the sewer line. An inspection can find these blockages before they cause major damage.

What Happens if There Is a Problem?

The good thing is that your plumbing technician will use the most up-to-date sewer line inspection equipment and will be able to see every square inch of that sewer line. A sewer test comes highly recommended for homeowners to find the small cracks and imperfections in a sewer line. If a problem is detected, the technician can thoroughly examine how severe the damage is and then offer a possible solution.

Possible Solutions Are:

  • Clear. This is the best-case scenario because the actual sewer line is not damaged, it just needs to be cleared and flushed out.
  • Repair. Repair is recommended when there are cracks or holes in the sewer line.
  • Replace. This is the worst-case scenario. Replacement is recommended when the damage is severe. Thankfully, you can usually replace just the most damaged section of the sewer line instead of the entire line.

At Texas Green Plumbing, we treat your home as if it is our own. We have over 50 years of combined experience in the plumbing business. We only hire the best because we know your home only deserves the best.

If you suspect a sewer problem or want a preemptive inspection of your sewer line, contact us!

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