Can I Fix A Slab Leak Myself?

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You have noticed the signs. You can see the unexplained rise in water bills, the lower water pressure, and maybe you have even found wet spots on the floor itself. You suspect that there might be a slab leak, and as the intrepid DIY homeowner that you are, you wonder if you can fix it yourself.

Issues With DIY Slab Leak Repair

Not every plumber is trained properly in slab leak detection and slab leak repairs. So, even if you have previous training as a plumber, there are a number of problems with doing your own slab leak repair. Some of them are more obvious than others. And, some slab leak repairs are actually dangerous. Most plumbing repair companies use trained dig crews. Many people, even professional plumbers, die each year making slab leak repairs.

Detecting the Actual Leak

If you have low water pressure and high water bills, it can be a sign of a leak. However, without the equipment to detect the leak, you have no way of knowing where the actual leak is. It could be in the slab or it could be in the wall somewhere. Even if you do see water rising from the floor, it doesn't necessarily mean the leak is right under it.

Reaching the Leak

This is the most obvious issue. The plumbing in your slab is covered in concrete, and reaching it is typically beyond more than what even the best DIY homeowner can do. You can rent the right equipment, but using it runs a huge risk of damaging the plumbing even more.

Lack of Equipment 

Similar to the above issue, you likely do not have the specialized tools to both reach and repair a slab leak. There are also tools that a homeowner will hopefully only need to use once, so buying them would be a waste as well.

Home Insurance Issues

If you do have to deal with your insurance company, you want to make sure that your plumber can speak about insurance clearly. Most insurance companies are looking for a way out of paying a claim. You want to make sure your plumber explains what the problems are clearly. Your homeowner's insurance policy may or may not cover slab leak repair. However, the issue is that DIY projects can actually void the policy. It is not always true, but DIY repair has caused more damage to an issue. This is something you may want to leave to a trained professional. 

Need Help?

Do you suspect there is a leak in your slab? This is a repair best left to the professionals. At Texas Green Plumbing, we can help you find the slab leak and fix a leak quickly so you can get back to having a healthy home. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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