7 Common Signs That You Have a Slab Leak

Slab Leak test

slab leak occurs when there is a leak beneath the concrete slabs under your home. Slab leaks can be difficult to detect, but if you watch for these seven common warning signs, you can fix the problem before significant damage occurs. Here are the warning signs, and what to do if you think your home may have a slab leak.

Increased Water Bill

If your water bill increases but you haven't been using more water than normal, it's likely that there's a leak somewhere in your home. Check for sources of the leak within your home, and if you can't find one, it's possible that the leak is under the concrete slab where you can't see it. 

Decreased Water Pressure

Any water leak will result in less water running through your plumbing. If you notice a decrease in water pressure without an increase in the number of appliances running at once, a slab leak could be to blame.

Toilet or Tub Is Backing Up

If your toilet or tub isn't draining properly, it could be a result of a broken sewer line. Once you've determined which fixtures aren't functioning correctly, you can try to identify any other possible sources of the problem. If another cause can't be identified, the plumbing failure could be a result of a slab leak on your sewer system. 

Water Coming Out of the Slab or the Ground

By the time a leak is noticeable, it's likely that some damage has occurred. If water is building up somewhere on your floor with no obvious source, it could be a sign of a serious slab leak. 

Foundation Cracks

Over time, a water leak can wear down the foundation, causing cracks to appear. You may also see cracks in your flooring or on your walls. This is often a sign of a significant slab leak, so be sure to take action to fix the problem as soon as possible. 

Odor of Mold or Mildew

When a leak occurs, water can damage wood, leading to the growth of mold and mildew. If this happens, you may smell the odor of mold or mildew in certain areas of your home. 

A Hot Spot on the Floor

If you notice that a certain spot on your floor is always warmer than the rest of the floor, it could be a sign that a hot water line has broken underneath the slab. You won't notice this warning sign if a cold water line breaks, so this clue will not be present in all cases. 

At Texas Green Plumbing, we can help you determine if your home has a slab leak, and if so, how to fix the problem quickly and effectively. Visit our website to learn more, or contact us today. 

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