How To Fix A Humming Garbage Disposal

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If you have a humming garbage disposal, that means it’s still getting electricity. Although it has electricity, there is something causing a jam, keeping it from turning.

This blog teaches you a quick and easy way to unjam a humming garbage disposal. This DIY plumbing repair is cheap, fast, and easy. Learn how to fix a humming garbage disposal in this blog or by watching this video:

One thing you should have around your house is a plunger. Your plunger is going to help fix your humming garbage disposal.

What you want to do is stick the wooden end of your plunger into the garbage disposal. Once the plunger is inside the garbage disposal, stir it like a witches brew. Turn it different ways until you feel things start to move around.

This is a simple trick that anyone can do at home. As long as the disposal is still humming, it’s telling you something’s jammed. If it’s not humming, it may need to be reset.

When you put the plunger in the humming garbage disposal, you’ll feel it moving around. When it’s jammed, you’ll keep feeling it lock up and hit something.

All it takes to get something undone is to use the plunger to make it turn all the way in the bottom. Once you think it’s unjammed, shine a light in the disposal to see if there is anything you can pull out.

There are many things that can get stuck and cause you to have a humming garbage disposal. You’d be surprised the things you can find getting stuck in a garbage disposal.

There are some things you don’t want to stick in your disposal. A few of these things are egg shells, pasta, rice, cabbage, and lettuce. Anything like that should go in the trash and not the disposal.

As you can see, this is an easy DIY project. This is something you can do and there’s not much to it. If it doesn’t unjam, it is what it is.

When it’s jammed, there is something stuck in there keeping the gears from turning. If this doesn’t work, try it a few more times.

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