How to Install a Garbage Disposal

Sometimes garbage disposals need to be replaced. Before buying a new garbage disposal, make sure the old one doesn’t just need a reset. It will save money if a new disposal doesn’t need to be bought.

These steps explain how to install a garbage disposal, assuming there is already one in place. Or, you can watch the steps here:

Before removing the disposal, disconnect it from it’s electrical outlet. It might need to be unplugged or have the breaker turned off.

Step One

While the garbage disposal is disconnected, the first step is to drain the sink. There shouldn’t be any water in it, although there may be some in the drain pipe. Put a bucket under the pipes to catch the water when taking apart the p trap.

Step Two

The next step is disconnecting the drainage piping. To do this, loosen the slip joint nuts and remove the piping. Be sure to save the washers on the inside so everything goes back on properly.

Step Three

To remove the garbage disposal, use a screwdriver or wrench to unlock the disposal from the sink. Use your hand to support the disposal from below. Now you can pull the disposal away from the sink.

Step Four

Once you’ve removed the disposal, use a screwdriver to loosen the three screws on the flange.

Step Five

Use a screwdriver to take off the ring. Then pull off the flange. After you take the flange off, push up so the paper ring falls out.

Step Six

Before putting on the new disposal, you may have to remove wiring from the old one. Unscrew the pigtails and pull wires so you can get to them. Be careful not to tear anything when removing the wires. Feed wires through to where you can attach the ground wire and power.

Step Seven

Now you need to put the paper ring back on. Next, put the flange and the metal ring on. Once you have it on the way you want it, tighten the three screws. Tighten the screws evenly so it keeps the disposal straight.

Step Eight

When the flange is installed, it’s time to put the disposal back together. Once everything is in place, line the flange up the way you want it, then turn it until it locks.

Your garbage disposal is now reinstalled. Now, all you have to do is put the pieces back together.

Step Nine

Now you need to put your slip nut and washers back on. Make sure everything goes up as far as it’s supposed to before tightening it on.

Step Ten

Next, it’s time to put the p trap back together. All you need to do is put it on and tighten it.

That’s all it takes to install a garbage disposal. Make sure you install a garbage disposal because you need one, not because it needs to be unjammed or reset.

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