How Do I Conserve Water in Plano Texas?

I am passionate about helping people understand water conservation and what the effects will be on our children and grand-children. We live in the greatest state there is. God Bless Texas! The problem is that everyone else is realizing how great Texas is and they are coming as fast as they can get here. We have suffered through droughts recently. Recent heavy rains have helped with the drought, but remember when we couldn’t water our lawns? At one point we were asked to only water once per week.

We have well over a thousand people a day moving to Texas. Hundreds of people move into Plano Texas daily. What is the water situation going to be like when the rains stop again? Not that they will completely stop, but it will slow down again. Let’s say that it does that again in about 10 years. That’s another 3.65 million mouths to water every day. And then we have to have the industry to keep them alive and well and working. More water…
We have to start thinking about a real water conservation plan. Plumbers are the people in people’s houses every day looking at all the water using appliances. If we can get plumbers doing everything that they can to make these appliances and fixtures use less water, we can address this issue every day. I have 4 grand-children and I want them to have water abundantly like I did, I just want to make sure that they know how to conserve it!


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