Need a Plumbing Inspection in Plano Texas?

You think you have found the perfect new home in Plano Texas! But before you place an offer on the home, it is important to have a plumber come out and inspect for a couple of things, especially in older homes.

Water Heater Plumbing Inspection – Water heaters usually last about 10 years depending on their usage and maintenance. Replacing a water heater is costly.

Drain Plumbing Inspection  –  To have the drains checked is a simple way to make sure there is no blockage or back up between the home and the main sewer line. Also by having the drains checked you will be able to detect any leaks the home may have.

By having a plumber inspect these things, you can save anywhere from $300-$3000 depending how the severity of the issue.  When buying a new home  in Plano Texas its always better to be safe now rather than sorry later!

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